RKM AB, has changed their name to RKM Gruppen AB. They were founded in 1988 by Magnus Rangnitt and Klas Ragnell.

The main business was in the beginning to offer advices to private persons and different companies in cash management and recommendations in commercial matters. Our partners at that time were Svensk Fastighetskredit today SEB Bolån, Trygg fonder, Trygg finans, Skandia Finans & Fond och Försäkringsmäklarna i Göteborg AB.

During 1993 the company expanded and a consulting branch was added to help one of the biggest Finance- and Equity Fund Companies to sell their products and investments. The consulting personal was to go through the principal customer stock and to offer more of the company's products.

During the fall in 1995 the RKM corporation took the next step and started an insurance broker department for life-, household-, vehicle-, real estate-, insurance for the business and for the personal in different companies. As well as other kinds of insurances against material damage. Another speciality was to insure artists for a "Non appearance".

As well as that the company was a consulting partner and an advising partner in selling, we also sold our Partners products mostly in the finance instruments. We were selling consultant to the majority of the Banks-, Finance-, Equity Fund- and Assurance Company´s in Sweden.

Today RKM Gruppen AB has put focus on selling different products as well as having courses in selling technique. We are also for hire as coaches for selling departments and for management.

RKM Gruppen AB owns and operates by the founder Magnus Rangnitt.