Do you need to protect your surfaces as your absorbing material are in textile, leather, silk, hunting clothes, working clothes, awning, parasol, outside cushions, outside wooden furniture, wooden floor etc.. or not absorbing materials as glass, plastic, metal, concrete, cement, ceramic, tiles, marble, granite, stones etc...

So, what is NANO?
Nano is a very small type of measurement. To understand how small it is,
(To understand how small it is, one nanometre = 1: 1 000 000 000 metre). It is a water repellent and a self cleaning technique. The technique mirrors natures own system, how the plants solves their cleaning problem. Nanotechnology is doing the same as nature does. The product breaths but it doesn't let liquid or dampness through the material which is treated with our Nano Product. The product prevents the material from moulding, fungus or getting dirty. It even prevents bacteria and bad smell. The treated material is easy to clean; it only needs water or just a small amount of detergent. The Nano Product is very economical and you don't need much to treat a surface. A non absorbing material that is treated with our Nano Product hardens 8 times more than glass.

  • Goodbye to spotted ties, smelly shoes, wet working clothes and children's dirty playing clothes.
  • Goodbye to buildings dirtied by pollution.
  • Goodbye to graffiti.
  • Goodbye to concrete and cement damage by frozen water.
  • Goodbye to miscoloured marble tables.
  • Goodbye to detergent material when you wash your car, boat, motorbike, subway, busses, trains, road signs or other things that easily get dirty.
  • Goodbye to frozen windscreens.
  • Goodbye of being the person that still pollute the nature with detergent.

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